Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please send your question to RDScholars@claremontmckenna.edu.

Who is eligible to become a Scholar?
The Robert Day Scholars Program invites sophomores from all five Claremont Colleges to apply, to include students studying off-campus to apply for the BA Scholars program. CMC students may instead apply for the BAMA Scholars program.

How many Scholars will be selected?
The size of the Class of 2016 Scholars will be determined by the selection committee.  Selection is expected to be roughly equal between BA and BAMA Scholars.

How does my current major or course selection influence selection?
The Robert Day Scholars program welcomes any student with an interest in either the BA or BAMA Scholars curriculum and leadership development activities to apply. Your academic experience and pursuits will, of course, influence the degree to which the Scholar's academic requirements impact your academic schedule. So long as you are able to complete the required BA coursework of finance (2) courses, accounting (2) and leadership/organizational psychology/behavior (2) courses, or the BAMA graduate program requirements you are eligible to become a Robert Day Scholar.

What are the benefits of being selected a Robert Day Scholar? Robert Day Scholars benefit academically and professionally from the variety of curricular and leadership development activities. Robert Day Scholars also receive a scholarship their senior year.

What if I have more questions?
Please email RDScholars@claremontmckenna.edu or call (909) 607-3347.