Course Requirements for the Financial Economics Sequence

Prerequisite Courses (All courses must be completed)



Math 31: Calculus II
Econ 86: Accounting for Decision Making
Econ 101: Intermediate Microeconomics
Econ 125: Econometrics
These courses may be used to meet other major or general education requirements.

Financial Economics Core Courses





Econ 134: Corporate Finance (required)

Choose one of the following:
Econ 134B: Advanced Corporate Finance
Econ 137: Special Topics in Corporate Finance
Econ 139: Topics in Investments and Valuation

Elective Courses (choose any three)





Any of the following three courses will satisfy the elective requirement (if not used to satisfy the core requirement):

Econ 129: Game Theory*
Econ 134B: Advanced Corporate Finance**
Econ 135: Money and Banking
Econ 137: Special Topics in Corporate Finance**
Econ 138: Current Issues in Money and Finance
Econ 139: Topics in Investments and Valuation**
Econ 145: International Money and Finance
Econ 150: Asset and Income Measurement (Intermediate Accounting I)
Econ 154: Financial Statement Analysis
Econ 164: Economics of Strategy
Econ 165: Industrial Organization

Math 105: Stochastic and Deterministic Modeling
Math 109: Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance
Math 156: Stochastic Processes and Modeling
Math 182: Partial Differential Equations
Math 188: Mathematics of Game Theory*

Drucker School of Management (CGU):
Mgt 339: Financial Derivatives
Mgt 373: Financial Strategy & Policy
Mgt 402: Asset Management Practicum

Research Project Requirement





Students must complete a major research project in the area of financial economics. The project may be the student's senior thesis. Students must register for the research seminar course (Econ 180), and will be asked to present and defend their research at the end of the semester in which they complete their work. The Institute provides faculty advising and databases support related to the research project.

*Students may take either Econ 129 or Math 188, but not both, to satisfy the elective requirement

**These courses fulfill the elective requirement if not used previously to satisfy the core requirement.

Students are required to maintain a 9.0 GPA in their Financial Economics Core Courses and Research Project Requirement.