Silicon Valley Program

Costs of Attending the SVP

For the 2015-2016 academic year, the costs of attending the Silicon Valley Program are estimated to be greater than $28,633 per semester. These costs may change, so check back frequently, or consult with the program director. In addition to tuition, room charges, and a student activity fee, which will be charged by Claremont McKenna College, each student must budget for food, transportation to the program, transportation within the program, and sundry expenses. These costs will vary with many variables, so consult with the program director to determine the best way of budgeting for these expenses.

Cost for 2015-2016

Item Description Amount
Tuition Based on CMC's semester tuition charges for the fiscal year. $24,400
Room Based on CMC's semester double room charge for the fiscal year.  $4,110
Board Not charged by the program. Budget food costs of approximately the cost of a semester board at 12 meal plan, plus about 15% for cost of living adjustment between Claremont and Silicon Valley. This amount will vary depending upon the internship each student secures. NOTE: SVP pays for all meals during orientation, and all Saturday lunches during regularly scheduled and make-up classes.  
Student Fees The Program pays for various fees associated with alumni events; some activities not specifically sanctioned by the Program will be paid by students. Nominal fees may be charged to offset the costs of various events. Budget $150 per student. $123
Travel to SVP Not charged by the program. Cost will vary, depending upon the student's location prior to the program. Please budget wisely.  
Travel within SVP Not charged by the program. Ground transportation may be considerable, depending upon distance of internship from residence, and mode of transportation. Please budget wisely.  
TOTAL   $28,633+

Students from Claremont McKenna College will be billed the amounts enumerated above through the student billing process. All other charges will should be budgeted by the student and his/her family accordingly. The College will NOT charge for regular Board and will not be responsible for food costs during the semester.

Students from the other Claremont Colleges will be billed from their home college. Consult with your college's student accounts professional for more accurate information.

NOTE: SVP pays for all meals during orientation, and all Saturday lunches during regularly scheduled and make-up classes.


Students may be compensated for their work at an internship. These salaries are subject to regular income taxes, and they will likely affect any financial aid awarded. When compensated, students tend to earn far more then they typically earn for on-campus jobs. Students and their families should consult with your college's financial aid professionals to fully understand the impact of any salaries on future financial aid packages. The ability for students to be paid will depend upon a number of factors including each college's policy and each internship sponsor's budget. Compensation is not guaranteed. For budgeting purposes, the average hourly wage is $20/hour for 40 hours/week and 14-15 weeks in the semester, or a gross compensation of $11,200.