Internship Guidelines

Taken as part of the Silicon Valley Program, students gain experience in an innovative organization imbedded in the world’s preeminent regional system of innovation. Intern duties vary by company and assignment; interns can potentially contribute to a variety of functions marketing, data analytics, competitive intelligence, user experience, event management, web development, financial analysis, product development, and other corporate functions.

The internship experience complements other features of the program, which include three full semester-length courses designed to enhance the student’s understanding of the strategies and practices of innovative organizations, firm-level innovation ecosystems, high-tech markets, and the regional system of innovation in Silicon Valley and the surrounding area.

All internships should provide students with the types of experiences that would be afforded to early-career professional staff at a maximum of 40 hours per week (to permit the students to keep up in their courses).

A primary manager at the internship sponsor location should be assigned to supervise the day-to-day work of the intern.  Interns should work on-site with other team members on mutually-shared deliverables in order to be exposed to the corporate environment.  The Silicon Valley Program director will check in periodically with the primary manager and the intern during the semester to assess progress.

Internships may be paid or unpaid, depending upon internship sponsor’s policies, budget, and applicable law.  Benefits, transportation, or housing stipends are possible forms of compensation.

Corporate Projects
Students complete several research projects throughout the semester. If there is mutual agreement, students could choose to work on research projects that could benefit the corporate sponsor. If desired, the sponsor could suggest projects.  Students are instructed not to use corporate data without the approval of the internship sponsor, and they will abide by all non-disclosure agreements in place at the corporate host.

A formal final review with the primary manager will be arranged by the Silicon Valley Program executive director. The internship may involve a course credit for the student and the manager’s input will be critical for determining the student’s course grade.

What’s in it For…

The Corporate Sponsor The Intern
  • Exceptionally Talented Associate
  • Experience in an Innovative Organization Imbedded in the World’s Preeminent Regional System of Innovation
  • Ability to Investigate Essential Business Questions
  • A “Business Laboratory” for Applying Academic Insights
  • Opportunity to Complete Time-Consuming Projects
  • Exposure to Key Corporate Challenges
  • Fast-track into a Pipeline of Talented Thinkers
  • Interaction with Accomplished Leaders in Business and Technology