Pathway to the Perfect Internship

Much of your work to find a perfect internship has been done by the time you get to this point. But, I’m outlining this hoping that you see the simplicity of the process.

Part A: Narrow-Down the Field

In this section (you should be through with this by now), you start from ground zero, and think about the questions I’ve asked you to consider to this point. Be introspective. Conduct a quick market analysis of the most promising companies in fields that interest you. Ask family and friends what they think. Look at the list of companies already associated with the SVP. Talk with me.

  1. Do all of the above
  2. Come up with a list of 3-6 target companies you wish to pursue
  3. Develop a sentence or two about the job functions within the target companies that interest you the most.
  4. Move on to Part B

Part B: Identify Key Contacts

In this section, you will begin to identify the individuals within each target company who will either be able to make a hiring decision, or who will know the right person to speak with.

  1. Look at your college’s alumni directory and career services center
  2. Look at the corporate contact list given to you
  3. Mine your personal database of potential contacts
  4. Look at the VCs or Angels who funded your target organization (best for start-ups or non-public companies)
  5. Seek out the company’s public job opportunities, even if you don’t see the word “intern” listed… you might sneak in as an intern if you fit the mold for a project they are working on NOW
  6. Look at LinkedIn for either primary or secondary connections to people at your target organization and request an introduction through mutual connections
  7. Repeat for each company.

Part C: Begin Reaching Out to the Individuals Identified in Part B


  1. Write the best cover email you’ve ever written
  2. Proofread it
  3. Have a friend proof it
  4. Make sure it’s perfect
  5. Attach a PDF version of your one-page, perfect resume
  6. Hit “Send”

Part D: Interview & Accept an Offer

This part is self-explanatory, but if you want to talk about interviews, please be in touch with me.

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