Silicon Valley Program: Student Responsibilities

The next few months will be crucial in preparing to work, study, and live in Silicon Valley and we ask that you cooperate fully in this preparation. Your cooperation is important because a great deal needs to be done by you in a short period of time. Our expectations are that you will attend all your classes in Claremont this semester and respond promptly to our email correspondence with you. The expectation is you will attend all meetings without receiving reminders from our office. Our assumption is that if you cannot organize your time to satisfactorily complete this preparation, you are not ready for a semester in Silicon Valley. Lastly, remember we are here to help you, so do not hesitate to call on us.

The requirements related to this preparation include:

  1. Submit by the deadline these required forms: Commitment, Student Contract, Information Release, Health Report, Insurance Authorization, and the Off-Campus Clearance for non-CMC students.
  2. Submit an updated copy of your resume in the required format.
  3. Attend the Pre-orientation Meeting(s). We will discuss details of the program, including housing and finding an internship.
  4. Work diligently with the Program Associate Director and Executive Director on your internship search, keeping them informed of your progress throughout your search.
  5. Revise your greeting message on your cell phone and change your privacy settings on social media. Ensure that prospective employers will be impressed with you when they telephone or check your social media pages.
  6. Establish or reinvigorate your LinkedIn profile.
  7. Get to know your Silicon Valley Program cohort.
  8. Achieve a minimum of 3.00 GPA in your courses the semester preceding attending the Program.