Named Alumni Scholarships

Claremont McKenna Campus

The Named Alumni Fund Scholarship program connects current students with alumni, strengthening the bonds between the generations of the CMC family. Every alumni family that contributes an annual gift of $10,000 or more to the Alumni Fund is honored with a student scholarship in their name during the following year. In 2014-2015, the following alumni are being recognized with scholarships for their generosity.

Named Alumni Fund Scholarships

Awarded 2017-2018 Academic Year

Alumni Fund Annual Scholarships, with major gifts from:

Nabil L. Abu-Assal '84
Joel A. Appel '87 P'20
Peter K. Barker '70 P'01
D. Bradley Childers '86
Dale Crandall '63
A. Steven Crown '74
Steven L. Eggert '82 P'15
Elyssa M. Elbaz '94
Kerri Fanwick '76
William T. Hammond '50
Gregory K. Hinckley '68
Donald P. Johnson '65 P'16
Jeffrey S. Klein '75 P'08 P'11 P'14
Michael Larson '80
Perry A. Lerner '65 P'89 GP'19 GP'20
Robert E. Lewis '67
Robert J. Lowe '62
H. Larry '65 P'90 and Kenneth A. '90 Maass

James B. McElwee '74 P'12
Harry T. McMahon '75 P'08 P'09
Mgrublian Family
Robert C. Nakasone '69 P'98
Kenneth M. Novack '67
J. David Officer '70
Douglas L. Peterson '80 P'14 P'15
Alex H. Phillips '87
Thomas J. Rees III '74
Norman R. Richards '60 P'89
Laura G. '90 and Richard J. '89 Romero
Richard M. Sherman, Jr. '69
Van J. Stults '76
William W. Thompson '67
Jane P. '82 and Kenneth J. '82 Valach
Anna M. '00 and Andrew C. '00 Van Orden
Shaw B. Wagener '81