Sophomore Timeline

What to accomplish as a Sophomore:

  • Return to campus with a valid passport.  Frequently the host country will require your passport expiration date to be no earlier than six months AFTER your return from study abroad
  • Talk with your friends, family, faculty, advisors, and mentors to clarify your academic and personal goals.   Each of us has a general idea of what we envision for our study abroad experience.  Where do you see yourself?  What courses are you taking?  Why are you going abroad?
  • Research Study Abroad Programs
  • Meet with program representatives during campus visits; read your email for notification of dates, times & locations.
  • Talk to students who have returned from abroad
  •  Seriously consider studying abroad spring sophomore year.  Seriously consider studying abroad spring sophomore year. Studying abroad in the spring of sophomore year provides the opportunity to complement your CMC academic interests much earlier and to return with this authentic and unique perspective on the world upon return.

Additionally, you will have:

  • The opportunity to spend two full years at CMC delving deeper into your academic and extracurricular interests,
  •  The ability to develop stronger relationships with your faculty members, advisor(s) and mentor(s), and demonstrate a global understanding in your seminar courses,
  •  An easier student visa process than for study abroad in the fall, and
  • More access to study abroad scholarship funding as the CGE has significant funding for spring sophomores studying abroad.

Ultimately, we find that students prefer to spend the junior and senior year on campus allowing access to more on-campus leadership opportunities, course preferences, and faculty and senior thesis reader engagement.

General SA spring semester requirements:

  • Cumulative GPA 8.5 (petitions for lower GPAs are accepted) rather than the fall or AY 9.0 GPA requirement, and
  • Nearly decided, decided, or declared a major(s)
  • Are you thinking contemplating studying abroad at Oxford University?  Applicants to Oxford are expected to have completed four or five courses in your major before applying. NOTE: Students apply to Oxford in January, sophomore year to study for the junior year at Oxford.  Study at Oxford is for an academic year only.