Global Education Video Contests

The Center for Global Education provides students a wonderful opportunity to gain new perspectives and expand their education outside of CMC. Our video contests allow students to share their experience and insights with the CMC community, and encourages students to process their experience and reflect on how their semester or year off-campus has affected them.

We are in the process of relaunching our student video (and photo) contests.  During this time please enjoy a look back at previous student submissions.

Lindsey Mattila, ’17
DIS Study Abroad: Copenhagen, Denmark, “Tak for Kaffe”


Emily Chambard ’16
Middlebury College Study Abroad: Buenos Aires, Argentina, “Exploring Bubbles: Buenos Aires”

Jenya Green, ’16
SIT Study Abroad: Jordan: Modernization &

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, “The Perpetual Outsider's Guide to Being at Home as a Stranger”

Anoush Baghdassarian ’17
Middlebury College Study Abroad: Buenos Aires, Argentina, “Living in the Present”

Sophie Breider ’17
IES Study Abroad: Quito, Ecuador, “La Ecuagringa”

Chris Chang ’16
SIT Study Abroad: South Africa: Community Health, “Ngiyabonga, South Africa”

Stephanie Doi ’17
DIS Study Abroad: Copenhagen, Denmark, “When I Jumped”

Adam Hilborn ’16
University of St. Andrews, Scotland, “Scottish Scrutiny”

Kennedy Holland ’17
SEA Academic Semester: Cape Cod & Atlantic Ocean, “A Transatlantic Crossing”

Theron Simpson ’16
DIS Study Abroad: Copenhagen, Denmark, “Going Back”

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Fall 2015 Entries
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