Accepted Students Introduction

Congratulations on making the decision to study abroad! You are preparing for a life and career in a world of global markets and swiftly changing technology. By building international study into your college education, you will bolster your ability to thrive in this context. Study abroad is an adventure you will never regret and it will deepen and broaden you in ways you never imagined. How much you invest into this experience will determine the real value of your participation.

The purpose of this section of the web pages is to provide you with t an overview of the many things you need to do and think about before you depart, and to a lesser degree, after you return.

Before leaving campus, I encourage you to meet with study abroad alumni and international students and most importantly, read a newspaper from or read about the country you will call home during the next few months.

You are about to embark on what has been for most students an incredibly rewarding and life changing experience. As we begin your preparation, we cannot predict how everything will be for you next semester, but we will try to equip you with some practical information to ease your transition to a new culture.