Student Experiences

Meghan Fuelling

DIS Copenhagen, Denmark

Elaine Sohng watching an elephant

SIT Kampala, Uganda
Religious Studies/Philosophy

Shannon Golden in Strasbourg

Syracuse Strasbourg, France
International Relations/Literature


Sophie Breider

IES Quito, Ecuador
American Studies

Laterzo Izzy

Middlebury Montevideo, Uruguay
International Relations

Heather Cousins

SIT Arusha, Tanzania
Media Studies

Jessica Ng

IES Salamanca, Spain

Jessica Barreno

London School of Economic & Political Science

IES Paris, France
International Relations

CIEE Shanghai, China
International Relations

Describe your typical day:
I would wake up, get some fruit from the cafeteria, and go to Chinese class. I ate lunch with friends from the program, and then went to afternoon class, which was normally Chinese history or society. After class, I’d go back to my room in the dorms and do my Chinese homework. Depending on how much work I had, I’d try a new restaurant or go to this huge mall called Global Harbor to shop or look around.