Student Experiences

Khadija Hassanali

IES Granada, Spain

Describe your typical day: I would start the day with Spanish class and have class throughout the morning. At three pm, I’d eat a huge lunch with my host family, then take a siesta or do homework before class in the evening. Normally I’d have a field trip for the art and architecture class I was taking. In the evening I had a stipend for dinner, so I’d often get tapas with friends. Some nights I’d cook dinner with my Spanish language partner. 

Chris Chang

SIT Durban, South Africa
Science & Management

Describe your typical day: We would wake up early and take public transportation to the school center where we would spend the day. The program frequently brought in really cool guest speakers and sometimes we would go on field trips.

Favorite food discovered while abroad: Bunny Chow—Despite the name there were no bunnies in it but it was like a curry served in a square steamed bread bowl.  
Maddie Davidson

IES Salamanca, Spain

Describe your typical day: Typically I would have breakfast with my roommate, go to class most of the day, workout, come home for dinner, do homework, then either relax or go out before bed. On weekends I travelled as much as I could in Spain and throughout Western Europe.

Favorite food discovered while abroad: Seafood Paella! What was your favorite part of the city to visit? I loved going out to restaurants in the center of the city on the weekends and holidays.
Kelsey Heflin

DIS Copenhagen, Denmark
Environment, Economics, & Politics

Describe your typical day: I would either ride my bike or take a bus to class every day. Twice a week I would practice with the ØKF soccer club team which was made up of DIS students and Danes. I made sure to always have dinner with my host family.

Jessica Jin

CIEE Prague, Czech Republic

Describe your typical day: My apartment was nearby the huge fortress where classes were held. After class, friends and I would go out to eat and maybe see a show. CIEE paid for shows, games, and even movies. 

Favorite food discovered while abroad: Trdelnik—a pastry with cinnamon sugar you can buy from street vendors. 

Ted Hall

SIT Buenos Aires, Argentina
International Relations

Describe your typical day: I had Spanish class twice a week. In our other class, we focused on a different theme every couple weeks. The Program brought in guest professors and lecturers four or five time a week. All the classes were in the morning. After class, I’d go out to lunch with friends at a sit-down restaurant. Then we’d go explore parks and museums. It was a lot more on your own than in-class time. 

SIT Amman, Jordan

Describe your typical day: I would wake up, make sandwiches with my host mom while drinking Turkish coffee, and then take a taxi to class. Normally I’d walk to get falafel for lunch then after class I’d go to a nearby gym or taxi to a café with friends. In the evenings I’d go home and have dinner with my host family and watch TV with my host sisters before bed.

Alexa Heydenberk

IES Granada, Spain

Describe your typical day: I would wakeup in my homestay and eat breakfast with my program roommate and host mother and get a coffee on the way to class. In the evenings I would go to the gym, do homework, or hang out with friends in a café. For dinner, we normally went out for tapas with friends.

Favorite food discovered while abroad: I really liked Paella and Spanish tortilla.

Amy Ingram

IFSA Butler – Buenos Aires, Argentina
International Relations/Economics

Describe your typical day:
I would wake up, eat breakfast, and head to class. Then I’d have lunch with friends in the city and do some schoolwork. After I might sit in a park for a while before going home to hang out with my host mom.

What was your favorite part of the city to visit?  
I lived by a huge open green area—there were parks for miles. It was a great place for running, picnics, or playing soccer.

Caroline Hays

DIS Copenhagen, Denmark
Public Policy Analysis: Biology

Describe your typical day:
I would start by making breakfast with my host mom before class every day. After class I would do homework or explore Copenhagen before helping my host brother with his homework.

Favorite food discovered while abroad:
Æbleskiver—Little round pancake or donut things that were served with powdered sugar and jam as it got closer to the holidays.