Student Experiences

Annushka Shivnani

IES Paris, France 
International Relations 

Describe your typical day:

Kate Connaughton

IES Granada, Spain

Describe your typical day:
In between classes some friends and I would hang out at various cafés. Then for lunch my host mother would make a big meal, which was always followed by a siesta. During the afternoons I would explore the city and go on hikes and end the day by going out for tapas with friends.

Favorite food discovered while abroad:
My host mom would make paella every Sunday, she would be cooking all day, it was really delicious.

Karissa Munoz

IES Salamanca, Spain

Describe your typical day:
It was a smaller city so we could walk to class pretty easily. After class we would eat lunch with our host family, I ate every meal with my host family. Afterwards I would do homework or explore the city.

Favorite food discovered while abroad:
Castañas—Roasted chestnuts that came wrapped in newspaper. My host mom also made Paella every Sunday.

Tim Plummer

SIT Amman, Jordan

Describe your typical day: 
I would wake up, have breakfast with my host family-my host dad would always insist on feeding me falafel. I would go to class, grab lunch from a shop in Abdoun Circle,  and head back to class. Afterwards I’d hand around a café and wait for traffic to subside before heading home. Then I’d have dinner with my host family around 10 pm.

Isabel Wade smiling

CIEE Dakar, Senegal
International Relations/French

Describe your typical day:
When I didn’t have class I would work at my internship with the Senegalese committee for Human Rights. I got really close with many members of my host family and spent a lot of time with them.   

Favorite food discovered while abroad:
Mafe—it’s a peanut curry on a bed of rice. Senegalese food consists of a lot of dishes with peanuts but had some cool Moroccan influenced food too.  

Alejandra Vasquez Baur mugshot

IES Buenos Aires, Argentina
International Relations/Math

Describe your typical day:
The program was very hands-off. They plan trips but you don’t have to go, so I was able to make my time in Buenos Aires what I wanted. On a normal day, I woke up, ate breakfast, and took a bus to class. After class, I’d go to a café to talk to locals or meet friends. On any given night something was going on. I heard a lot of live music. Some days, I’d go to a park or a new part of town. I was really flexible with my time.

Katherine Krey riding on a pony

SIT Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
International Relations/Economics

Describe your typical day:
I would wake up before my host family and walk to class. After class I would hang out in the city center, go to museums, and explore the city. After dinner I watched ridiculous Mongolian TV with my host family.  

Favorite food discovered while abroad:
I had some crazy food while in Mongolia but I think I liked goat the best. I ate a lot of goat.