Adrienne Martin, Ph.D.

Akshata Murty '02 and Rishi Sunak Professor of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and George R. Roberts Fellow




Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; M.A., University of California at San Diego; B.A., New York University

Research and Publications

Martin, A. How We Hope: A Moral Psychology.  Princeton University Press, 2014.

Martin, A. (2011). “Hopes and Dreams,” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 83 (1): 148-73. Peer reviewed.

Martin, A. (2010). “Owning Up and Lowering Down: the Power of Apology,” Journal of Philosophy, 107 (10): 534-53. Peer reviewed.

Martin, A. (2008). “Hope and Exploitation,” Hastings Center Report, 38(5): 49- 55. Peer reviewed.

Martin, A. (2007). “Tales Publicly Allowed: Competence, Capacity, and Religious Belief,” Hastings Center Report, 37(1): 33-40. Peer reviewed.

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