Paul Hurley, Ph.D.

Edward J. Sexton Professor of Philosophy



Areas of Expertise

Absolutism V. Relativism
Ethics and Moral Issues
Human Rights
Political Philosophy
Property Rights


Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, 1988; Dissertation: "The Practical Given" (advisor, Kurt Baier; 2nd reader, David Gauthier); M.A. in Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, 1986; B.A. in Philosophy with honors, University of Notre Dame, 1982

Awards and Affiliations

Visiting Research Fellowship, Murphy Institute Center for Ethics, Tulane University, 2016-2017

Glenn R. Huntoon Teaching Award, CMC, 2016

David Huntoon Senior Teaching Award, CMC, 2015

Roy P. Crocker Award for Merit, CMC, 2011

Three-time recipient, Wig Distinguished Teaching Award, Pomona College 2005, 1999, 1992

Apple for the Teacher Award, University of Pittsburgh 1987

Phi Beta Kappa, University of Notre Dame 1982

Research and Publications

Book: BEYOND CONSEQUENTIALISM, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, hbk 2009, pbk 2011).

Selected Recent Journal Articles:

"Consequentialism and the Standard Story of Action," The Journal of Ethics (2018).

"Two Senses of Moral Verdict and Moral Overridingness," Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, Vol. 6 (2016).

"Whose Problem is Non-Identity?" with Rivka Weinberg, The Journal of Moral Philosophy (2014).

"Consequentializing and Deontologizing: Clogging the Consequentialist Vacuum," Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013), pp. 123-53.

"Desire, Judgment, and Reason: Exploring the Path Not Taken," The Journal of Ethics, Volume 11, Number 4 December (2007), pp. 437-463.

"Does Consequentialism Make Too Many Demands, or None at All?", Ethics, Volume 116, Number 4, July (2006), pp. 680-706.

"Fairness and Beneficence," Ethics, Volume 113, No. 4, July (2003), pp. 841-864.

W 3:00-5:00; F 10:00-11:45; and by Appointment