One word, so frequently spoken at Claremont McKenna College—what does it mean? 


The trajectory of a student’s life altered after a favorite professor’s class or conversation, the engagement of a different viewpoint at the Athenaeum, the intersection of an unfamiliar discipline in the liberal arts, the removal of a financial or social barrier to success in college and in life.

An improved world through CMC leadership in commerce, governance, and the service of vital professions.

And what we may cherish most: the treasured, lifelong connections and friendships and communities––all forged at CMC.

A cycle of impact, in which CMC improves the lives of new generations of students and all whose lives they touch.

A cycle of impact, in which CMCers give back through their time, treasure, talent, and ties, to sustain our mission, realize our vision, sustain our strategy, and answer the call of our global challenges.

Please join us.