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Rachana Muvvala ’24

When Rachana Muvvala ’24 played the stock market game in a high school economics class, she was hooked. “It showed me how fun and interesting the stock market can be,” she says. “Since we were playing at the peak of COVID-19’s market disruption, every morning, I would wake up and be greeted by a loss—yet the thrill from possibly gaining that money back excited me.”

Muvvala says she found the right place to study economics—and all of her other interests—when she visited CMC. “I am the type of student who loves learning a diversity of subjects, ranging from history to data science, and after touring CMC and speaking with students, I knew CMC was the best place for me to receive a liberal arts education while finding my own niche.”

Now a major in economics and philosophy at CMC, she is also a Robert Day Scholar (RDS) in the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance. As part of the RDS cohort, she attends weekly sessions on professional skills such as networking, time management, and interviewing. “My favorite part of RDS is the alumni network and community. Upperclassmen have been incredible resources when it comes to mentorship and sharing their experiences, and I hope to give back to the RDS community in the same way in the future.” 

Muvvala joined the Student Investment Fund, specifically the healthcare and life sciences industry group, which provides an opportunity for CMCers to invest in the market, become more acquainted with portfolio management, and gain hands-on experience analyzing stocks and identifying investment prospects.

“Many biotech companies have product pipelines that are hard to fully understand without scientific expertise,” she says. “While it is a complex process, it is fascinating to learn about new therapies being created to treat different illnesses and has developed my science knowledge.” 

Ultimately, Muvvala hopes to work at a venture capital firm that invests in technologies addressing global problems like climate change and food insecurity. “Investing capital in these altruistic technologies is the most efficient way to enact change, and I hope to lead such decisions in the future.” 


Hometown: San Jose, California

Major: Economics and philosophy


Robert Day Scholar

CMC Student Investment Fund, Graphite Consulting Group

Intern, CNTR Capital