Impact Stories

Tony Sidhom ’17

Tony Sidhom ’17 started giving back as a student, and never stopped

Upon moving to the Bay Area after graduation, Tony Sidhom ’17 knew that being a young alumnus offered distinct advantages for advancing his bond with CMC. “I have a lot of energy,” Sidhom said with a laugh. “And at this stage of my life, that means I can give back with my time and effort.”

Sidhom, who grew up in San Dimas just outside Claremont, said attending CMC was one of the “biggest and best decisions” of his life. On campus, he was passionate about working with underrepresented groups and sharing his experience as a “pseudo first-generation student,” the son of parents who attended college in Egypt.

Because he didn’t hear a lot of stories like his, Sidhom felt he had a perspective to offer—and with the launch of the CARE Center during his senior year, he could already see his potential influence as an alumnus taking shape. “I wanted to be a resource, just like they were starting to become a resource on campus,” he said. “I wanted to help shape CMC for the better.”

Now, he volunteers with CARE and the Office of Admission, regularly attends CMC events (in-person and virtually), and always lets students know that he’s available for advice or networking opportunities. It glides nicely with his current work in the Bay Area at Handshake, a career services resource for students.

“CMC is built on the backs of staff, faculty, and alumni who so generously help, and I love being part of the positive influence of campus culture,” Sidhom said. “I want my involvement to have an impact at the College not just over the next six months, but over the next 60 years.”