Duo and Traveling Abroad


For CMC faculty/staff who travel domestically or internationally and students who study abroad, DUO Multi-Factor authentication will work without a WiFi connection or access to cellular data with the Passcode feature available on the DUO Mobile app.

If you are already enrolled in DUO and wish to add a new device or modify an existing one, follow the procedures on DUO Multi-Factor Authentication – Adding an Additional Device to DUO.

If you are not enrolled and have not installed DUO mobile app, follow the procedures on the DUO Multi-Factor Authentication – Setup Procedures.

The next time you login to the CAS screen, you will be prompted to choose an authentication method.

First, check the Remember me for x days box.

Then, click on Enter a Passcode.

CMC Duo “Choose an authentication method” page with arrow pointing to Enter a Passcode

Unlock your phone and launch the DUO Mobile app.

Tap on the refresh icon to generate a new code.

Duo Mobile app Interface with Duo-Protected Claremont McKenna College category with arrow pointed to refresh icon and red band-box over 6-digit passcode

Enter the code inside the passcode box.

Confirm the Remember me for x days box is still check marked.

Click on Login.

CMC Duo “Choose an authentication method” page with passcode inputted in the Enter a Passcode field and an arrow pointing to Log In