New Computer

Buying a new computer can be difficult, especially when salespeople are quick to tell you what you "need." Several important computing hardware and software issues are outlined below and should help you if you decide to purchase a new computer for use at CMC. Please keep in mind that these recommendations are based on suggestions for your primary computer. You may want a tablet or something else that does not meet our recommendations as a companion to your primary computer, which can work quite well.

Type of computer

Apple or PC. . . Windows or Macintosh. . . Which will it be? Well, both will work, and we support both. We do not recommend switching from what you are accustomed to using! Neither is actually more secure than the other (it's all marketing!) and both can connect to our network resources.

However, PCs are generally less expensive and can have longer warranties - we do recommend as long a warranty as you can get. Macs are considered the best built computers, although Lenovo's are considered a very close second. 

You get more choice with PCs while Macs give you pretty much the mainstream option that you would likely choose anyway.
Whichever your choice, we will assist and support you.


Intel and AMD both make excellent processors at any speed. However, Intel definitely has the edge right now, so we recommend Intel Core processors (Core i3, i5, i7), - However we do NOT recommend getting a computer with an Intel Atom processor as your primary computer.

This means that we do not recommend a netbook or a tablet as your primary computer! They're too small and underpowered. They make great note-taking and casual computers, but not for your main computer.


We recommend at least 8GB for your primary computer.

Hard Disk

Most new computers will come with plenty of disk space. Honestly, this is not too much of a concern. If you want to spend extra money on a Solid State Drive, it will increase performance but it is not a requirement.

Video Card

We have no specific requirements or recommendations - the included video card is sufficient for most tasks.


Although we do not endorse or recommend any vendor, these are some of the most popular makes among our student body. Please note that there are other good computer vendors.

 Operating System

For Windows, we strongly recommend Windows 10 or Windows 8.1. Both are extremely stable and well-designed operating systems.

For Macintosh, either of the latest versions will work - although you won't really have much choice as Apple only offers the latest version.


Microsoft Office Suite is a must for academic purposes at CMC. CMC now offers free Office 365 for all students and you can install it when you get to campus. Your Resident Technology Assistant (RTA) can assist you when you get here!

Neither Open Office nor iWork are considered acceptable. While they can produce good products, they are not 100% compatible with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which are standard for faculty and staff and are installed on all our labs.

  • You will be required to have anti-virus programs on ALL computers - both Macs and PCs. See our anti-virus page for more information.

Optional Items:

  • Printer - REALLY optional. Printing is free! DO NOT bring a wireless printer!

Do Not Bring:

  • Wireless Access Point/Router
  • Wireless Printer
  • Microsoft Works / Open Office / iWork

Major Computer Deals

Often, companies like Microsoft and Apple will offer significant deals for students. While keeping track of all of these deals is nearly a full time job in and of itself, we will place some of the significant ones on this page.

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General Manufacturer Deals

We can't track all the deals that manufacturers and stores offer, but here are some links to some manufacturers' student portals: