Mathematical Sciences

Computer Science Sequence Requirements

Sequence Requirements

The sequence requires six courses, distributed as follows:

  1. CSCI 051 - Introduction to Computer Science
  2. CSCI 055 - Discrete Structures (or CSCI 55 PO - Discrete Mathematics)
  3. CSCI 062 - Data Structures and Advanced Programming
  4. Three computer science electives

Learning Goals and Student Learning Outcomes of the Computer Science Program

Learning Goals

Students who graduate with the Computer Science Sequence are competent practitioners of the fundamentals of Computer Science in ways that supplement their respective majors.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the CMC Computer Science Sequence students will:

  1. Understand the theoretical computer science necessary to follow and adapt to technological changes in students’ major disciplines and in computer science.
  2. Use fundamental mathematical abstraction to analyze problems and find their algorithmic solutions.
  3. Use fundamental data structures, algorithms, and programming techniques to implement programming projects of moderate to large size using mainstream programming languages.
  4. Apply the fundamental knowledge to the topics in advanced electives that are closely related to students’ major areas.
  • CSCI 051 - Introduction to Computer Science satisfies the general education requirement in mathematics.
  • Students with no prior exposure to computer science or programming should start with CSCI 051 - Introduction to Computer Science, or the equivalent, as the first course of the sequence, or for a full or dual major in computer science.
  • Students with prior exposure to computer science or programming should consult with a computer science advisor to determine the appropriate starting point in the program.