Are Russia's geopolitical moves hurting its economy?

Prof. Hilary Appel publishes OpEd on Russia's geopolitics and its impact on the country's economy

With Russia’s geopolitical maneuvers grabbing headlines around the world, CMC’s Podlich Family Professor of Government and George R. Roberts Fellow Hilary Appel has co-authored an article titled “A Difficult Year: How the Kremlin’s Ambitions Hamper Economic Growth.”

The article, written with Distinguished Professor of Political Science Vladimir Gelman of the European University of St. Petersberg, was published in one of Russia’s most widely-read business and economy websites, The English-version appears on the PONARS Eurasia site.  According to the article:

“…[T]he dominance of a foreign policy agenda over economic considerations has recently taken on new, sometimes major and sometimes petty, self-defeating forms in Russia.”

See full text of the article.