Stacey N. Doan

Claremont McKenna College has received a RAPID grant from the National Science Foundation to study the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on families with young children. The project, which places CMC at the forefront of COVID-19 related research, will investigate how the current health crisis changes stress responses in adults and children and identify factors that might predict resilience and risk taking in individuals.

Professor Jack Pitney in the classroom

Can Donald Trump cancel the November election?

That was the intriguing question asked-and-answered by Claremont McKenna College presidential campaign expert John J. Pitney Jr. in a remote lecture held last Thursday, with 200 curious alumni and parents in virtual attendance.

Pitney, who is the Roy P. Crocker Professor of American Politics, gave an unequivocal “no.”

Earlier this month, Tamara Venit-Shelton wrote an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times about racial profiling related to the coronavirus outbreak. Of the recent panic, Venit-Shelton said, “medical scapegoating and discriminatory policing of Asian-owned businesses and homes were routine in the 19th century. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for these attitudes to be reawakened, particularly during health crises.” Read her full piece here.
Jessamyn Schaller

New research by CMC Prof. Jessamyn Schaller suggests that hot weather due to climate change is causing shorter pregnancies, which poses risks to infant health and child development.

The research published in Nature Climate Change this month found that birth rates were 5 percent higher when temperatures topped 90 degrees. In addition, births on those days occurred up to two weeks earlier — or 6.1 days earlier on average — than they would have otherwise.

Mary Evans

A new report co-authored by Claremont McKenna College Prof. Mary Evans concludes that the EPA’s support for proposed changes to the Federal Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) relies on flawed benefit-cost analysis and outdated estimates.

In the report, Evans and five other economists find fault with the EPA’s removal of billions of dollars in co-benefits that result from reduced emissions of fine particulate air pollution under MATS.

The Asian American Psychological Association has honored Claremont McKenna College Prof. Wei-Chin Hwang with its 2019 Distinguished Contributions Award.

Hwang, a psychology professor, was recognized for bridging his scholarly work with practice, mentorship, and social activism, especially in Asian American communities.

Ben Gillen with a CMC student

Ben Gillen had worked with the best and brightest at Caltech. CMC students raised the bar.

Professor meets with students

Each academic year brings its own unique energy and excitement thanks to new faculty arriving to Claremont McKenna College. Here’s a brief introduction to the new faces you’ll see on campus.

Wendy Lower

Several CMC faculty members earned distinctions in recent months. Here are some of their notable accomplishments:

Henri Cole

Professor Henri Cole was installed as Josephine Olp Weeks Professor of Literature in a February 26 ceremony at the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum.

Cole has published nine collections of poetry, including Middle Earth, which was a 2004 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry. A memoir, Orphic Paris, was published by New York Review Books last spring.