Beautiful Minds

Claremont Autism Center holding an activity for studentsTucked away in a small nook of Seaman Hall, the Claremont Autism Center is a thriving treatment and research center for children with Autism and their families. Students from CMC and Claremont Graduate University are welcomed into the clinic to learn how to work with the children and receive training in applied behavior analysis techniques. Members of the community are also encouraged to take advantage of the special learning opportunities available there.
"We have discovered that children with autism are visual learners," says Dr. Marjorie Charlop, the center's director. The center has adapted the way they teach speech by incorporating more visual presentations into the curriculum. "With pictures and videos on different forms of technology like the iPad," she says, "we find that by making communication very concrete, and first teaching it through a visual image, they understand what the spoken word means." While working on a shoestring budget, the cost of critical technology has created a need for additional funding. To help the Center implement these proven, successful treatments, please consider a donation to the Claremont Autism Center.