Claremont Autism Center Director to Deliver Keynote Address at International Conference


Marjorie Charlop-Christy, Claremont McKenna College professor of psychology, and director of the Claremont Autism Center, is one of two U.S. professors invited to Hong Kong to speak on behalf of the country's first-ever International Conference on Autism.

Charlop-Christy will be speaking to professionals and parents about state-of-the-art treatment procedures for individuals with autism, and leading two workshops designed to train professionals on treatment procedures designed and researched at the Claremont Autism Center.


Charlop-Christy is available for comment on the ramifications of the international conference, as well as cross-cultural attitudes between China and the U.S. towards children with autism.

The July 28-29 conference developed partially through research that Charlop-Christy and Karen Sze, a Hong Kong native and former CMC undergraduate, were conducting on cross-cultural attitudes between China and the U.S. towards children with autism. Sze used the research for her senior thesis, sparking enough interest overseas to lead to this important international gathering.


Interview requests will be handled in care of Professor Marjorie Charlop-Christy.


As a keynote speaker, Charlop-Christy hopes dialogue with the Chinese will trigger new treatments and services for children with autism. Currently, little is known about autism treatment and services in Asia. The Irish Times reported that an estimated four million children in Asia suffer from Down's Syndrome, autism, and other neurological disorders.

Charlop-Christy's widely known treatment manual, How to Treat the Child with Autism: A Guide to Treatment at the Claremont Autism Center has been translated in Chinese for the event.


For additional information, contact Marjorie Charlop-Christy, at (323) 258-5007, or Alissa Sandford in the CMC Office of Public Affairs, at (909) 621-8099.