Claremont McKenna College and Reach Agreement to Transfer Domain Name; Newly-Named Student Web Site to Be Launched

Claremont McKenna College and the founders of, a student-run web site, have reached an agreement in which the site's domain name will be transferred to the college.

The newly named student-run web site,, will be launched under a licensing agreement with the college. Like its predecessor, the web site will not be endorsed by, or affiliated with, Claremont McKenna College. During the new site's start-up phase, visitors to may link to, or to the college's web site,

Included in the agreement are three annual awards and fellowships recognizing student entrepreneurship ($1,000), civil liberties and new technology ($1,000), and web-based non-profit and for-profit student business proposals ($5,000). The college has also set aside restricted funds totaling $50,000 to cover operating expenses for the new site. The operating expense fund and the annual prizes are being funded by donor gifts for these purposes.

"This agreement satisfies the concerns of both the college and the student web site founders, and, most importantly, helps alleviate confusion for online visitors searching for CMC's web site," said President Pamela Gann. "We're particularly pleased that the agreement provides support for student entrepreneurs, as well as for spirited public dialogue through new technologies, both of which follow the truest sense of the CMC mission."

Seniors David Alvillar, Devin Erhardt, David Enrich, Matt Grossman, and A.J. Prager,'s founders, said the agreement helped achieve their goal of continuing the site after their departure from CMC: "This agreement ensures our web site's long-term viability and enables future creative uses of the Internet on campus," Enrich said.

The agreement will be recognized at a public reception from 3 to 5 p.m. on Friday, May 4, at the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum.