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Prof. Jack Pitney was quoted in an article that highlighted how former President Trump and Nikki Haley do not differ much on political issues. He said, “The low bar for being called a moderate is not calling people names, and not inciting an insurrection. She’s a moderate by the standards of the South Carolina legislature, but in a general election, her positions might generate a lot of ammunition for Biden.”

Prof. Jack Pitney provided insight into Republican Steve Garvey’s chances of winning the California Senate election, stating that his troubled relationship with his children may hurt him if he continues to rise in the polls. He said Garvey has a serious chance to advance to November, but doubted whether he had a real shot to win unless a major scandal hit the Democratic candidate.

Prof. Amy Kind was interviewed about asking thought-provoking questions to help give you clarity on bigger questions in your life.

Prof. Jack Pitney was quoted in an article about Kari Lake’s use of secret recordings. The recordings exposed Arizona Republican Party Chair Jeff DeWit offering Kari Lake money if she declined to run for U.S. Senate in 2024. Prof. Pitney said, “Her campaign is mostly theater, not policy substance. And in the theater of Kari Lake, this recording is a wonderful prop. It’s about being a maverick, about being an outsider. And the conversation gives her a great deal of ammunition.”

Prof. Manfred Keil co-authored an op-ed about how the Inland Empire is no longer the “loser” in economic recovery.

Prof. Jack Pitney was quoted in an article about the 2026 California race for governor. He said, “One reason for the early announcements is just fundraising. It takes a lot of money to run for governor of California. And so you have to start early.”

Prof. Jack Pitney was quoted in an article on former President Trump’s recent hint towards his running mate. The piece discussed how vice presidents are usually selected. Prof. Pitney provided some historical context, sharing that President George W. Bush tapped Dick Cheney “because of his qualifications, not because of his Wyoming roots.” And, President Bill Clinton “picked Al Gore, a fellow Baby Boomer Southern moderate, because of his Senate experience and national security credentials.”

Prof. Jack Pitney was quoted in an article on how an Inland Empire congressional district race between Rep. Ken Calvert and Democrat Will Rollins may decide who will control Congress. He said, “The race is pivotal because the Republicans have a very thin majority in the House. Democrats can win control by flipping just a few seats. Every close race will get enormous national attention, and this race will be one of them… The race could come down to a few thousand or even a few hundred votes.”

Prof. Minxin Pei was quoted in an article on the state of China’s future. He said, “China's deflation is the deflation of hope, the deflation of optimism. It’s a psychological funk.”

Prof. Minxin Pei was interviewed on the topic of the Taiwanese elections and the future of relations between China and the U.S.

Prof. Jack Pitney was quoted in an article on Gov. Gavin Newsom and the California wealth tax.

Prof. Jack Pitney was quoted in a piece on what Inland Empire Congress members accomplished in 2023. He said, “Congress tends to pass more bills in the second (year), particularly as it is coming to a close and members have to face the electorate.”

Prof. Jack Pitney was quoted in an article on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s pledge to release his tax returns, but the Governor has not done so since 2020. He offered the following insight, “Governor Newsom is not on the ballot in 2024, so he does not face a great deal of political pressure to release his returns. Democrats are not pressing him on the issue. Republicans have little standing to do so, since Trump released his returns to a congressional committee only after losing a fight at the Supreme Court.”

Prof. Manfred Keil co-authored a list of the 23 good things that happened in 2023 in the Inland Empire when it comes to the economy.

Prof. Jessamyn Schaller was quoted in a piece on how education does not solve the pay gap between men and women. She stated, “There’s studies that show women who have a female professor in their intro-level class in sort of STEM fields or in economics are more likely to choose that class as a major. It’s important to me that, when I teach intro, I teach it in a way that kind of shows my students how interesting it can be and try to be a role model for it. And I definitely have had students who said, ‘Oh, I didn’t think I wanted to do this, but I took your class, and now I’m choosing it as a major,’ or ‘I’m going to double major.’ And that really means a lot to me.”

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