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Prof. Jessamyn Schaller was mentioned in an article as a third co-author on a recent study from University of Texas at Austin on child maltreatment increasing when temperatures are hotter.

Prof. Jack Pitney was quoted in a piece about three ballot initiatives that would add restrictions for transgender children. He said, in reference to the legislation, “…if there is serious financial support for the effort, they will probably get the necessary signatures. In November 2024, there will be a large turnout for the Democratic presidential candidate, probably President Joe Biden. A big Democratic turnout would tend to favor the ‘no’ side. But public opinion on these issues is complicated, and progressives should not assume that such measures are doomed.”

Prof. Ron Riggio was interviewed on the topic of best practices for becoming a better leader. Key points from the interview included that emotional and social intelligence are building blocks of communication and successful leadership; best leaders have a parental relationship with their followers; and it is also important to focus on becoming a better person in general.

Prof. Jack Pitney was quoted in an article about Rep. Jim Jordan’s legislative reforms that could help the defendants named in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ RICO indictment from being prosecuted. “There is no chance that both houses of Congress will pass legislation affecting the Georgia investigation. The mention of ‘legislative reform’ is just a rationalization for investigating the district attorney. This move contradicts the Republican Party’s devotion to federalism and the Tenth Amendment. It’s all about Trump protection, not serious legislation.”

A new report by CMC’s Rose Institute of State and Local Government that highlights reforms to improve San Francisco’s effectiveness and responsiveness of city government was covered by numerous media outlets, including the San Francisco Chronicle. Published with TogetherSF, the report analyzes and provides potential reforms. “People in city government are unable to reach decisions with any dispatch with things like hiring, permitting or many basic functions of city and municipal administration,” said Ken Miller, director of Claremont McKenna’s Rose Institute. The report was also featured in The San Francisco Standard, KCBS Radio (local Bay Area news), and New York Post. It was mentioned in a news roundup in POLITICO and The New York Times.

Prof. Manfred Keil was mentioned in a story about how the Hollywood strikes have revealed weaknesses in the economic engine of Los Angeles. Keil compared the competition between states and cities to a decathlon, which California neglected to train for because it was so far ahead.

In an op-ed piece, Prof. Terril Yue Jones discussed the rapid downfall of Chinese diplomat Qin Gang, attributing his fall from grace to missteps in handling diplomatic relations and failing to navigate international politics effectively, leading to diminished influence and strained foreign relations between China and the United States.

Prof. Jack Pitney was quoted in an article on President Biden’s Grand Canyon event and how Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D) attended, while Rep. Ruben Gallego (D) did not attend. Rep. Gallego is running to fill Sen. Sinema’s seat. “If you’re running a tough campaign against an incumbent, embracing a not very popular president isn’t the smartest tactic.”

Prof. John Roth was interviewed on the topic of Trump’s dangerous Nazi-style rhetoric and how this resurgence of antisemitism impacts America’s larger democracy crisis. 

Prof. Lars Schmitz was quoted in an article about a recent discovery of an ancient whale that might have been the heaviest animal that ever lived at 340 tons. “What a remarkable find! Estimating body mass in fossils is always super difficult, but I don’t think there is any doubt that this whale was very large.”

In a book review, Prof. Lily Geismer discussed historian Robert L. Fleegler’s recent release, Brutal Campaign: How the 1988 Election Set the Stage for Twenty-First-Century American Politics. The book examines the 1988 presidential race featuring Michael Dukakis and highlights how his embrace of centrism ultimately contributed to his defeat against George H.W. Bush. Dukakis's strategic shift toward the political center failed to resonate with voters and explores the broader implications of his campaign for the trajectory of American politics.

Prof. Minxin Pei  was quoted in a story about the removal of Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang after only 7 months. Whatever the final explanation, Qin's removal suggests that senior officials lack job security under Xi. "Today, Xi is the only patron who can protect you. If you lose his favor, you are gone," said Pei, an expert on Chinese politics.

Prof. Jack Pitney was quoted in a story about Donald Trump’s chances in California’s 2024 Republican presidential primary. “Trump definitely has a base that will stick with him,” said John Pitney, professor of government and former Republican National Committee staffer. At the moment, Pitney said, DeSantis’ prospects in California are “pretty slim.”

Prof. Jack Pitney was quoted in an article profiling Robert F. Kennedy Jr. "Some Democrats like him because he is a Kennedy. As more have learned about who he is and what he stands for, his Democratic support has edged downward."

Prof. Jack Pitney was interviewed in a story about President Biden’s continuing fight over student debt forgiveness. "Many average voters are skeptical about student debt relief, but it's not their top issue. For young borrowers, it is a life-shaping concern that could drive them to the polls," said Pitney.

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