CMC In The News

Los Angeles TimesAugust 6, 2020

Claremont McKenna College was featured in a story about how campuses are preparing for a number of scenarios due to the lack of clear and timely state guidance for campus re-openings. The uncertainty has resulted in a “wild array of different configurations of approaches and solutions” among campuses, said Hiram Chodosh, president of CMC. According to the story, CMC had begun planning a fall return months ago, envisioning classes in larger spaces or outdoors, students in single rooms or small-group dorms, takeout food eaten outside with safe distances among friends. His campus plans far exceed Los Angeles County’s draft reopening protocols for colleges and universities, which Chodosh helped create as a member of the higher education task force. He said failing to take “measured risks” to reopen and simply waiting for a vaccine was not a “sensible way to confront the challenge.”

New York TimesAugust 2, 2020

In a front-page story, Covid Tests and Quarantines: Colleges Brace for an Uncertain Fall, President Hiram Chodosh was quoted on the challenges facing U.S. colleges: “We have learned how to close safely. But the big question now is, can we open safely?”

Associated PressMay 21, 2020

President Hiram Chodosh was interviewed about challenges colleges and universities are facing in the uncertain times of COVID-19.

Fox 11 NewsMay 11, 2020

Sharon Basso, vice president of student affairs, was interviewed in Fox 11’s series “New California,” which highlights a different industry and how its changing in the midst of COVID-19. Basso spoke about how college campuses are planning alterations on the midst of COVID-19.

Los Angeles TimesApril 30, 2020

CMC was featured in a story about how colleges may look when they reopen to students – from teaching classes outdoors to offering food to go. “These strategies may not work. They may not be feasible,” President Hiram Chodosh cautioned. “But we need to exhaust the path before we get to that particular dead end.”

Chronicle of Higher EducationApril 9, 2020

President Hiram Chodosh was featured in an in-depth article that illustrated how four college presidents made decisions to close their campuses — and helped pave the way for the rest of the country to follow suit.

Los Angeles TimesApril 13, 2020

Claremont McKenna College mentioned in a story about financial aid needs in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. CMC is hearing from more families apprehensive about college costs and remains committed to fully covering a student’s demonstrated financial need.

Los Angeles TimesMarch 17, 2020

Claremont McKenna College was highlighted in a story about college students who petitioned to stay in campus housing during the pandemic. About 85 CMC students received approval to stay, including all international student applicants, who face potential health risks and visa problems if they leave the country, said Dianna Graves, assistant vice president and dean of students. “Our goal throughout this response has been to acknowledge the significant personal losses while offering support to get through this,” she said.

Los Angeles TimesMarch 11, 2020

Claremont McKenna College was featured in a story on campus closures across the country. The story mentioned that all students would be required to return home or find another off-campus location by March 23 — with some exceptions. “We recognize that not everyone has a good or safe place to go,” President Hiram Chodosh said.