CMC’s Got Talent

On April 16, ASCMC and CPB teamed up to produce the first-ever “CMC’s Got Talent.” The show, about two hours in length, provided a night of music, dance, and comedy. Mirroring NBC’s television show “America’s Got Talent,” CMC’s version had a panel of student judges, comedic hosts, and lots of talent. Student judges based the winning groups off of crowd noise level. Between performances, Pickford Auditorium fluctuated with the amount of students in attendance. Throughout the night, around 200 students watched, and the large audience showed their overwhelming approval and support with loud and enthusiastic applause.

Twelve acts performed for the chance of winning prizes-- the first place performer would win a party for his/her class and the second and third place performers would win a gift card. The acts in order were:

  • Russell Salazar ’18 singing and playing his guitar
  • Reverb Dance team
  • K Pop dance club
  • Andrew Levihn-Coon ’15 singing two of his original songs and playing his guitar
  • Micky Ferguson ’17 singing and Sharon Chiang ’17 accompanying on the piano
  • Jacksón Smith ’18 singing, Diana Avellaneda ’18 singing, and Matthew Abrahamsen '18 dancing
  • Kayla Nonn ’15 singing and Arvind Suresh ’15 singing and playing the guitar
  • Tricia Wang ‘15 singing and Derek Ko ’15 singing
  • Austin Wu ’16 singing and playing the guitar and Simon Ma ’14 rapping
  • Parker LaLonde ’17 singing and Taylor Kain ’17 singing and playing the guitar
  • Rebecca Rosenthal '15 singing and playing the guitar
  • Dina Aluzri ’17 singing, Cameron Whiting ’15 playing the guitar and singing, and Justin Schneider ’16 accompanying on the drums

The night concluded with the student judges assessing the noise levels of the audience. Both Rebecca Rosenthal and Austin Wu and Simon Ma’s act tied for third place; Parker LaLonde and Taylor Kain took home second place; and Kayla Nonn and Arvind Suresh were awarded first place and the prize of a senior class party.

“CMC’s Got Talent” was the first show of its kind at CMC; however, it followed suit with other events on campus this year. Vivan Marwaha ‘17, CPB’s Director of Holiday and Cultural Programs, spoke about the event from CPB’s perspective. “We’re really glad to promote all kinds of performing arts at CMC. Collaborating with ASCMC got the whole school involved and aware of this event,” said Marwaha.

The event seemed to reflect the continuing emergence and appreciation of the arts at CMC. It once again reminded students of the depth and multitude of abilities that their classmates had and was able to showcase the vast range of talents in a competitive nature. Thematically, the night did, in fact, show that CMC has talent.