Freshmen Open New Year with Community Service Project at Casa Colina Hospital

Claremont McKenna College's incoming freshmen and transfer students will kick off the new school year with a community service project at Casa Colina Hospital from 9:00 11:00 am on Saturday, August 28. Casa Colina Hospital is located at 2850 N. Garey Avenue in Pomona.

"We believe community service is an essential part of every student's education," says W. Torrey Sun, vice president and dean of students. "It gives students the opportunity to help, and to learn. An additional benefit is that it brings diverse students together to share a common experience working toward a shared goal. Furthermore, it helps students develop a deeper appreciation for the local community beyond the colleges."

Student volunteers will be planting flowers, trimming bushes, cleaning out flower beds, and helping with other landscape maintenance work. Others will be doing clerical work, including filing, shredding, conducting inventory, sorting, and organizing.

The Claremont McKenna College Dean of Students Office organizes a service project to kick off every new year. Students, faculty, and staff also participate in an active community service program throughout the year, including volunteer tutoring, fundraising, food drives, blood drives, and other activities.

For more information about this or other community service projects, contact Susanne Mahoney, director of community service at Claremont McKenna College. Her telephone number is (909) 607-7038.

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