Fulbright award boosts Prof. Aseema Sinha’s research on India-U.S. linkages

Government Prof. Aseema Sinha's research on the intersection between India and the United States received a significant boost this year when it received a Fulbright award.

The Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Award will support Professor Sinha's research into the roles non-state actors such as business people, students, diaspora communities, and others play in two “estranged democracies” becoming strategic partners.

“This project seeks to make sense of my own movement from India to the U.S., now my home, and the role played by invisible actors in shaping foreign relations between the world’s two large democracies,”  says Prof. Sinha, who moved the U.S. from India in 1993 to complete a Ph.D at Cornell University. “I will focus on largely civil society actors—students, middle class, business, writers, and intellectuals—in shaping U.S. foreign relations.”

The Fulbright grant runs through next August, but Prof. Sinha says data collection will likely continue beyond that. “Its a large long-term project and is likely to be finished in a few years,” Prof. Sinha says.

Prof. Sinha, the Wagener Family Associate Professor of Comparative Politics at CMC, also had a book published this year, Globalizing India: How Global Rules and Markets are Shaping India's Rise to Power (Cambridge University Press).