See winning student photos from study abroad

It is the distinct pleasure of the Off-Campus Study Office to announce the study abroad photo contest winners for this semester.

The winners are:

Grand Prize: Karissa Munoz
IES Salamanca, Spain
“My first Halloween outside of the US was definitely a treat! My favorite part was when my roommate Robyn Meister CMC ’16 and I went to our Spanish friend’s house in Salamanca, Spain for face painting and then walked around the town to see everyone else’s costumes. We saw everything from men in wedding dresses to zombie scientists and it was awesome!”


Second Prize – People: Ted Hall
SIT Argentina: Regional Integration, Development & Change
“Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina”


Third Prize – People: Iris Liu
SIT Chile: Cultural Identity, Social Justice, & Development
“While in the south of Chile learning about Mapuche culture and the political conflicts between the indigenous people and the Chilean government, we had the opportunity to live with Mapuche families. Here is my host brother Jorge getting the neighbor's horse ready for a ride!”


Second Prize – Places: Adrienne Johnson
IES Paris, France: French Studies
“This is a picture of Paris taken from the top of Notre Dame. You can see the famous gargoyles that sit at the top of Notre Dame looking out on the Seine with the Eiffel Tower peaking out in the distance”


Third-Prize Places: Michelle Goodwin
Syracuse Istanbul, Turkey: Bahcesehir University
“Couple ascends stairs near the Istanbul Modern Art Museum. The color pops against the gray scale of the city and offers a change of pace from the historic buildings that coat the city.”


Second-Prize Stories: Jamie Curran
CIEE Shanghai, China: Business, Language & Culture
“I spent the day teaching kids at the local migrant school outside of Shanghai, China. We went through basic English terms like introducing yourself, animals, and moods. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about the culture of the migrant population outside of Shanghai. These groups of children are typically poorer since their parents are usually laborers without any benefits of the Hukou System.”


Third-Prize Stories: Molly O’Donnell
Syracuse Istanbul, Turkey: Bahcesehir University
“While in Cappadocia, my whole program had the opportunity to experience the warmth of a typical Turkish rug shop. They offered us traditional Turkish coffee while presenting us with the many varieties of carpets that they weave right inside the shop.”




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