Off-Campus Study

JaDa Johnson ’21

JaDa Johnson ’21 found her path to Claremont McKenna College after a chance encounter with a friendly CMCer on campus. 

Henry Schulz ’22, pictured near the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial along the Tidal Basin

During this past election year, Henry Schulz ’22 felt like he had a front row seat to history. 

With his semester in CMC’s Washington program completed, Schulz was packing up his D.C. apartment, and reflecting on the many memorable moments from fall 2020, culminating in the post-election celebrations in the streets just below his apartment. 

Headshot of CMC Student Kiubon Kokko ’21 on campus

Studying overseas not only transformed Kiubon Kokko ’21, it won him a grand prize.

Kokko, a senior majoring in media studies, spent the fall 2019 semester in Nantes, France, studying with the IES Abroad program and living with a host family.

“I chose to study in Nantes, because you can always visit somewhere popular, like Paris, later in life,” he said. “Someplace like Nantes is unique and presents a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Evans at 2009 CMC ITAB

Divya Vishwanath ’11 is reminded of Barton “Bart” Evans ’70 every time she introduces herself to someone new.

“I still say: ‘My name is Divya Vishwanath’ versus ‘I am Divya Vishwanath,’” she said, recalling guidance Evans provided on how to make the best impression in a professional setting, which included how to shake hands and where to place your name tag. “Bart would always say, ‘You are more complex than a simple name.’ He was intentional and wanted you to think about how to do well with every detail of who you are.”


Peter Uvin couldn’t contain his enthusiasm.

As teaching plans poured in from faculty members during the past two months, he saw the promise and power of a virtualized fall semester coming together. New, topical courses. Innovative pedagogies. Smart software tools. Special projects, guest speakers, and at-home labs. Nearly 20 pages and growing—a “magnum opus,” joked Uvin, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty—whose rich details for adaptation to online-only engagement “are a testament to the faculty’s commitment to student learning this fall,” he said.

A message from the Office of Off-Campus Study:

Congratulations to the Washington Program and Study Abroad photo content winners. We received so many wonderful entries and it was difficult to select just a few winning entries. Thank you to all the students who submitted photos.

Here's a slide show of the winning entries:

Jenya Green '16

Editor’s Note: This story was written before the final Moments in Minutes results were announced. The first place winner is Lindsey Mattila ’17, the second place winner is Emily Chambard ’16 and third place winner is Jenya Green ’16 . In the coming weeks, all the presentations will be posted on the Office of Off-Campus Study website.

By OCS Peer Ambassador Jenya Green ’16

Capitol Building

Six CMC students and one student from Pomona College who will participate in the spring 2016 Washington Program have won prestigious scholarship awards that will make their semester internships in the nation’s capitol that much easier.

It is the distinct pleasure of the Off-Campus Study Office to announce the study abroad photo contest winners for this semester.

The winners are:

The Off-Campus Study Office would like to congratulate the Washington Program photo contest winners for this semester.