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Screenshot 2014-10-22 16.56.22 The Office of Off-Campus Study announced the winners of the first annual “Moments in Minutes” event held October 8th. See winner's videos here.

Ten CMC off-campus study alumni showcased their stories and photos from their semester or year abroad in a live presentation event after which audience members voted for their favorite presentations. The tally ended up being very close with a tie for third place.

The event, which allowed alumni of off-campus programs two minutes to present memorable moments from their semester or year away is one of the Office of Off-Campus Study's assessment tools for alumni, providing insight into students learning both inside and out of the classroom.

The winner of the audience-voted grand prize was Midori Ishizuka ’15 for “Haul Away!” Second prize went to Ashraf Mathkour ’15 for “Jordan: A Multitude of Nations under 1 Flag.” Diana Ciuca’s (’15) “Dancing with the Danish Sun,” and Maya Sandalow’s (’15), “Thank You for Giving Me the World,” tied for third prize.

Cash awards were given to the winners in the amounts $300, $200 and $100, respectively.

“Student participants shared very personal and heartfelt stories about awkward moments, high points, low points, joys and difficulties,” said event organizer Kristen Mallory, director, Off-Campus Study at CMC’s Center for Global Education “and through it all, they demonstrated just how rewarding a semester or year of independent international living can be.”Screenshot 2014-10-23 09.15.06

Mallory said the event was intended to give prospective students a glimpse into future possibilities and for everyone gathered in the room to connect on a personal level. “I wanted to host a fun event of awakening and of personal education which gave students an opportunity to reflect upon their time away, and to create a venue for the students to share these stories with others at the College.”

SScreenshot 2014-10-23 09.17.25he added: “Without two key members of the Off-Campus Study Office – Cheryl Smith and Barbara Nanning – this event would not have come to pass. Cheryl and Barbara did nearly all of the work, including creating their own videos for publicity purposes.”


For more information on each presenter’s off-campus program, please click on the individual links below:

Richard Ahne ’15,South Africa: Multiculturalism and Human Rights

Diana Ciuca ’15,Copenhagen, Denmark

Louisa Dunwiddie ’15,Uganda: Development Studies

Rita Gilles ’15,Oxford University: Hertford CollegeScreenshot 2014-10-23 09.18.19

Alvin Huang ’15,London School of Economics and Political Science

Midori Ishizuka ’15, SEA Semester

David Leathers ’15,Jordan: Modernization and Social Change

Ashraf Mathkour ’15,Amman, Jordan: Language & Culture

Maya Sandalow ’15,Montevideo, Uruguay

Jake Shimkus ’15,Botswana and Copenhagen, Denmark

More information on the “Moments in Minutes” event can be found on the Off-Campus Study website:Screenshot 2014-10-23 09.16.14



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