Third international symposium set: Stephen T. Davis, CMC Professor, Co-chairing Incarnation Summit & Seminar in New York

Stephen T. Davis, professor of philosophy at Claremont McKenna College, is teaming up for the third time with Father Gerald O'Collins, S.J., of the Gregorian University in Rome, Italy, to chair an international symposium of theologians and religious scholars, scheduled for April 23 27 in New York.

The 2000 summit and symposium will bring together 23 internationally renowned scholars from a variety of religious traditions to discuss belief in the Incarnation - the transformation of God into human form in the person of Jesus Christ. Among the scholars are Catholics, Protestants and Jews from universities, seminaries and religious institutions in the United States, England, Italy and Canada. The summit will be held at St. Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, N.Y. It will conclude with a presentation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan entitled "Christ and 20th Century Art," by Dr. David Brown, Canon of Durham Cathedral and a professor at Durham University in England.

Davis, who teaches philosophy and religion courses at CMC, will serve as one of the presenters who will address an invitation-only gathering of teachers and clergy interested in studying the concept of God made human.

"This is the third time we have convened an international summit," Davis said. "We believe it is the first time that an international group of scholars from a variety of religious traditions will gather to discuss the Incarnation." A previous summit held in 1996 focused on belief in the Resurrection and resulted in the publication of "The Resurrection" by Oxford University Press. Two years later, the 1998 Summit addressed the Trinity, and was followed by the publication of "The Trinity" by Oxford University Press. Symposium sponsors anticipate the publication of a third volume, "The Incarnation" following this year's event.

Among the topics to be addressed at the five-day symposium are biblical studies, fine arts, foundational theology, Jewish studies, literature, patristics (the study of early Christian writers), philosophy of religion, preaching, spirituality and systematic theology.

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