Twitter, hockey, and don't forget Coolidge -- a selection of alumni books


The end of summer may be in sight, but there’s still plenty of time for vacation reading, starting with the following selection of new and recent releases by members of CMC’s alumni community:


Twitter by Dhiraj MurthyTwitter: Social Communication in the Twitter Age By Dhiraj Murthy (Polity)

Twitter might already be an established part of the social media landscape, but Dhiraj Murthy ’97 takes a step back and examines its origins as well as its growth into an influential political and economic tool. Hailed as a balanced, scholarly treatment, his book offers unique comparisons of communications technologies—for example between the rise of Twitter today and the telegraph during the 19th century—as he explores the ways in which Twitter and other social media, especially during times of natural disaster, have created new information channels between communities.

For more about this book, click here to visit the Polity website.


bookRaising Redemption: 
A Novel of Shame, Secrets, Sacrifice, and Struggle
 By R.A. Russell (Langdon Street Press)

“Alicia Tilman left the clinic in downtown Chesapeake, fighting
back tears of panic. first hurdle: tell daddy.” So begins “raising
redemption,” Rossi Russell’s ’71 story of a teen girl facing an
unwanted pregnancy and an uncertain future. A multi-generational
 saga, Trustee Russell’s first novel traces Alicia’s journey as she
 builds a life and rises from shame to triumph. Success isn’t just about professional achievements, Russell shows—it’s also measured by the people we love and include in our lives.

To get the story behind Russell’s novel, read an interview with the author at the CMC News website.


 The front cover of "One Goal" by Allison Davis O'Keefe.One Goal By Allison Davis O’Keefe
 (Burn Magazine)

Some stories are best captured by pictures with a minimum of words.
Photographer Allison Davis O’Keefe ’00 does that in “one goal,” her
  riveting story of a season in the life of the men’s ice hockey team at the 
university of North Dakota. She chronicles not only the journey of the
2010-11 “fighting Sioux” to the NCAA “frozen four” championships,
but also the fans, community, and the raw emotion of the team’s
 wins and losses.

For a Q & A with the author, visit the CMC news website.


sandoval book coverLatinos at the Golden Gate: Creating Community and Identity in San Francisco By Tomás F. Summers Sandoval Jr. (University of North Carolina Press)

In the streets and neighborhoods of San Francisco, Latin American migrants waged a struggle, a latinidad, as they forged a unique Latino identity in their new home. A professor at Pomona College, Tomás F. Summers Sandoval ’94 shows that this struggle isn’t a recent phenomenon but can be traced from the Gold Rush in the 19th century through the civil rights era and the present day. Sandoval taps a diverse assortment of archival material to give readers a dazzling, in-depth look at what led to the rise of a community that’s now a vital source of social, cultural, and political activism in the city by the bay.

For more on the author, visit his home page.


coolidgeWhy Coolidge Matters: Leadership Lessons from America’s Most Underrated President  By Charles C. Johnson (Encounter)

Charles C. Johnson ’11 offers a consideration of the underappreciated Calvin Coolidge, whose governance of 1920s America involved tackling issues that continue to challenge American society today. The author finds much in Coolidge’s record that would serve today’s leaders if his presidency wasn’t so overlooked. That’s a mistake that the author hopes to correct with his new book.

For more on the author, go to the Encounter website.


ronald-moe-rasputin-bookPrelude to the Revolution: The Murder of Rasputin By Ronald C. Moe (Aventine Press)

“Prelude to the Revolution,” the final work by historian Ronald C.
Moe ’71 (before his death in May 2011), is an acclaimed study of the
collapse of the Russian Empire and the role of the enigmatic monk,
 Grigory Rasputin. It’s a story that’s been told many times, in various
mediums, but Moe strips away the myths to reveal the real conspiracy
to murder Rasputin and save—alas, too late—the tsarist monarchy.
The book comes highly recommended by Life Trustee Ray Remy ’59 “for bringing to life an intriguing figure and period in Russian history.” Once you’ve read it, you’ll agree.

For an overview of Moe’s career, see in Memoriam, fall 2011 issue of CMC Magazine.


cybercorp-millisCyberCorp: A Novel By Ned Millis (Amazon digital)

The world of virtual reality is the new frontier—a place in which computer
designers wield incredible power and net millions of dollars with their digital
expertise. designer Evan Scott plunges into this world in “CyberCorp,” the
latest novel by Ned Millis ’56, and he soon realizes fabulous riches after
getting involved in a bold, new virtual reality project. what he doesn’t realize is
that the funds come from mob accounts, and the mobsters want their money
back—at any cost.

For more on Millis’ new technological thriller, visit his website.