Setting Up Your Profile

Hello and welcome to CMC!

We, the Strategic Communications & Marketing Web Team, are so happy to have you in our community and we look forward to working together with you on all things web, starting with your new user profile on the CMC site. Please look through this documentation for help on how to set up or update your profile and feel free to reach back ( if you need additional guidance.

Have an empty profile or duplicate?
If you find that your faculty profile is empty or that there are two listed, this is likely due to our transition to the campus multi-factor authenticator or SSO login. Since this is your first login since the update, a new profile is created. If this occurs, please contact the Web Team so we can migrate your content over. This is a one-time process, after which editing can resume as normal.

  1. Log in here using the CAS credentials provided by ITS:

    The Central Authentication Service login screen.

  2. Once logged in, you will be brought to your profile page. Click Edit to begin updating/filling it out with your necessary details.

    For new users, the system will generate a new profile for you. 

    User login landing screen.

  3. After verifying your name and email, select your User Group (staff, faculty, visiting faculty, postdoctoral fellow, etc.). It may be easier to begin typing in the input field to pull up some options, as shown below.

    User profile interface showing the User Group section.

  4. For faculty: navigate to the Academic Information tab (top of page) to select your department. This will make sure your profile appears on department listings, such as this one.

    User profile interface on the Academic Information section.

  5. Feel free to continue filling in the remaining fields, upload your CV (within the Contact Info tab), etc. There are helpful notes for each field to help guide inputting information.

    Some Tips:

    1. Please only use a degree designation (B.A., Ph.D.) for the Degrees section and your full college background (i.e. B.A., Williams College) for the Education Background section.
    2. For Publications and Awards, please use the individual text boxes for each entry.
  6. Don’t forget to hit Save after all your work!

    Save button at the bottom of the user profile interface.