Alumni in Action: Adele English ’19

Adele English.

Courtesy of Adele English

Alumni in Action

For Adele English ’19, Claremont McKenna College is and always will be a second home. Among other things, it was the foundation for many of her most meaningful relationships and her career with March Capital, based in Santa Monica. English is looking forward to celebrating her five-year reunion May 30-June 2, and is playing a key role in planning the big event by reaching out to multitudes of her former classmates. “I made friends for life during my four years, and I look forward to the quality time with old friends and the opportunity to create stronger and new relationships with others from my class,” she said.

How did your time at CMC prepare you for your career?

CMC taught me how to apply context to everything I learn, pressure test my assumptions, and articulate my perspective to different audiences. Much of my curricular and extracurricular learnings led me to become a more productive, action-oriented, and thoughtful professional.

CMC, and the Randall Lewis Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (RLCIE), also introduced me to venture capital — the industry I work in today. The exposure I had to the innovation economy as a student, through both the RLCIE and the Sponsored Internships and Experiences Program, informed my decision to become an investor. 

You will be celebrating your fifth reunion in the spring. What are you most looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to the company!

Spending time preparing for the event with familiar faces on the five-year reunion committee has been a treat. It feels great to spend time with my peers over Zoom, and I know the comfort and joy of being surrounded by my classmates on campus again will be awesome.

What were some of your favorite experiences while at CMC? 

The Barn Party with CPB was a triumph, 5C Club Soccer was a major highlight, and the RLCIE friendships will last a lifetime. Of all the fun and rewarding academic and extracurricular experiences, spending time with my friends between and around activities (or the library…) will always take the cake.

Do you have any mentors from your time at CMC?

Absolutely. I am grateful to have found mentors in my peers, fellow institute and alumni association board members, and the CMC staff members I've connected with along the way.

How would you describe the CMC community?

Supportive, engaged, and available for each other.

Why is it important for you to be involved at CMC and/or give back?

CMC is the anchor of many of the most meaningful connections in my life, including my closest friends, my partner, and the foundation of my career. I had a tremendous experience as a student at CMC and I want nothing more but for current and future students to have the same.


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