Jordan Baffour ’26: GOLD Scholarship helped with more than tuition

Jordan Baffour ’26

Photo by Paige Sorgen ’23

A biology major with a pre-med track from Arlington, Va., Jordan Baffour loves the array of options within her major.

“I could study genetics or biotechnology — the choices are endless!” she said.

Last semester, she took a chemistry class, which she calls her favorite so far. “I was able to expand my experience and conduct so many fun and interesting labs. I was also able to meet new people and form an amazing study group with some of my closest friends.”

The strong community at CMC was a big draw for Baffour. “And it seemed like a great environment for growth and development,” she said. Her extracurricular activities include membership in the Student Life Committee and the 5C Tennis Club. She also holds a leadership role as a senator for ASCMC, the College’s student government.

In all she does, she said, she is inspired by her mother. “My mom has worked hard and overcame tough obstacles in her life. No matter what she went through, she didn’t let it bring her down, but instead turned it into her motivator. She’s been a huge support for me and my siblings and taught us to dream big and work hard. I’m grateful for my mother because she’s pushed me to be the best version of myself and has given me my ambitious attitude.”

Another source of support has been her GOLD Class of 2016 Scholarship, which has helped with far more than just tuition.

“This scholarship has helped me become a more confident and outgoing person,” Baffour said. “Before coming to CMC, I was confident in what I wanted to study but had no idea what resources to use, or how to get there. At CMC, I am supported by friends, professors, and multiple mentors. If I need help, I know where and who to go to. I find myself pushing myself to be a better student and engage within the CMC community.”

Part of the historic Campaign for CMC: Responsible Leadership, now in its final months, the GOLD Challenge helps the College to expand student opportunities by encouraging collective participation.

The GOLD Challenge is targeted at graduates of the last decade to raise funds for student support and scholarships and takes place Tuesday through Thursday, March 28-30.

Make your gift during the GOLD Challenge to ensure you’re included in the Campaign for CMC: Responsible Leadership honor roll.

If you’ve already made your gift this year, it is included in your Class participation. Thank you! Now, share the GOLD Challenge with your peers. #Give2CMC


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