Study Abroad

Freshman/First-Year Student Timeline

What to accomplish as a first-year student:

  • Settle in to Campus Life.
  • Take General Education courses
  • Begin coursework in your major
  • Study - Get good grades. Your GPA is very important!
  • Explore the CMC Study Abroad Website
  • Pre-Med Majors - Plan Early
  • Continue with advanced language study; some programs have no language pre-requisite, however, others require one through five semesters of college-level language study. With the exceptions in Asia, if the language is taught at The Claremont Colleges, a minimum of one semester of language is required. Note: First Semester language courses are only taught during fall semester at The Claremont Colleges.
  • Oxford University expects applicants to have completed four or five courses in your major before applying. NOTE: Students apply a year in advance. Study at Oxford is for an academic year only. Semester-length study at Oxford is not available.
  • Attend an advertised Intro to Study Abroad Meeting.
  • Spring semester freshman year, make an appointment with a study abroad advisor. You can gain assistance in planning your course selection for sophomore year, your study abroad experience, and preparing to complete the mandatory Preference for Study Abroad Form due in November of your sophomore year. Remember: as nationwide study abroad numbers grow, many highly coveted programs fill quickly and have very early deadlines.