Silicon Valley Group 2009

Patrick Atwater

Patrick Atwater ’10- Philosophy, Politics, and Economics & Mathematics

Matthew Moone

Matthew Moone ’09- Economics & Psychology with Leadership sequence

Christophe Bindert

Christophe Bindert ’11- Undecided

Abhi Nemani

Abhi Nemani ’10- Philosophy, Politics, and Economics & Mathematics (Dual)

Shae Nlood

Shae Blood ’10- Environment, Economics, and Politics & Spanish (Dual)

James Norell

James Norell ’10- Economics with Computer Science Sequence

Ross Boomer

Ross Boomer ’09- International Relations & Economics

Daniela Ojeda

Daniela Ojeda ’09- Psychology & Organizational Studies

David Cook

David Cook ’11- Economics

Jennifer Reece

Jennifer Reece ’09- Psychology & Organizational Studies

Erik hansell

Erik Hansell ’09- Philosophy, Politics, and Economics & Government with Leadership Sequence

Eric Scott

Eric Scott ’11- Economics & Mathematics

Brian Krivoy

Brian Krivoy ’09- Economics & Government

Adam Sherman

Adam Sherman ’09- Economics with Finance Sequence

Alexa Maturana

Alexa Maturana-Lowe ’10- Government & Economics

Yang (Amanda) Yang

Yang (Amanda) Yang ’10- Economics & Mathematics with Financial Economics Sequence

Emily Meinhardt

Emily Meinhardt ’10- Government & Art History

Arielle Zuckerberg

Arielle Zuckerberg ’11- Philosophy & Public Affairs with Computer Science Sequence