Student Applications

The application portal will open January 7, 2020, and students may submit their applications before the March 2 deadline. All students must receive approval from the faculty member with whom they would like to work before submitting their application. Students and faculty must agree on the total number of weeks of work (8 or 10 weeks between May 26 and July 31), as well as the work expectations and outcomes (e.g. blog posts, research paper/poster). Students participating in the program must complete a brief reflection paper. They may choose to enroll in a non-credit internship or register for academic credit if they are eligible,

Students submit their applications through the Sponsored Internship portal. After creating an account, applicants will complete all required forms on, and upload all required documents to, the portal. Materials should not be submitted in hardcopy or via email. As part of the application, students will be asked to submit a budget, as well as answer the following three questions:

  1. Describe the agreement with your faculty advisor regarding amount of work (8 or 10 weeks between May 26 and July 31), work expectations, and expected outcomes (e.g. blog posts, research paper/poster).
  2. Explain the merit of your proposed project and your qualifications for conducting it. Include descriptions of relevant coursework and research experience in support of your qualifications.
  3. Describe the depth and value of your proposed intellectual experience – what do you expect to learn and why is this learning experience valuable to you?

Priority will be given to students in the social and mathematical sciences and humanities who do not have access to other sources of institutional funding (e.g., students who are not associated with CMC research institutes or do not have access to departmental funding). A faculty committee including the Program Director, Associate Dean of the Faculty for Research, and at least one faculty member from another discipline will review the applications and communicate their decisions to the SIE Assistant Director, Evan Wollen, by early April.

All CMC students may apply anytime for additional funding for research-related supplies, participant payments, or travel to present research by submitting an experiential funding request.