Wireless Networks

Numerous wireless networks are broadcast at The Claremont Colleges. These are the three you will be most likely to use and why:


You can connect easily to this open network. Once connected, launch a browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and attempt to navigate to google.com. You will be redirected to a login page for The Claremont Colleges Wireless Network. Please note the instructions on the page. Due to the fact that all members of The Claremont Colleges are supported on this network, you must identify yourself as a CMC'er by adding @cmc after your CMC network username. For example, If your CMC network username is jdoe, then you would enter jdoe@cmc.


This network is secured and requires a bit of configuration to use. However, this is a one-time configuration for a device/laptop after which your username and password do not have to be re-entered as you use wireless from day-to-day. The Claremont Colleges have purchased an auto-configuration tool to assist in the process. Connect your device/laptop to the open Claremont network and then navigate to http://autoconnect.claremont.edu. Follow the prompts and you will be ready to connect to Claremont-WPA. Please note, Android devices do not configure as easily and therefore may require manual configuration.


This network will support the residential computing devices that are not able to connect to the Claremont or Claremont-WPA networks. This might include gaming consoles, portable gaming devices, etc. A password is required to connect and Student Technology Services can provide the necessary information.