Korean popular culture is taking the world by storm, and Korea’s rising economic power and technological innovations are palpable in the U.S. Enrollment in Korean language courses at universities throughout the U.S. is increasing. Learning Korean will allow you to understand Korean cultural content in the original language and study abroad in Korea. Korean culture is vastly different from American culture. Through learning the language, you open a window into a very different culture, history and society, enriching your life and widening your perspective. The Korean program at CMC aims at developing linguistic proficiency and cultural competence in Korean and, in doing so, cultivating students’ translingual and transcultural competence as true global leaders.

The Korean program at CMC incorporates cutting-edge pedagogical technologies and methods into classes and seek to build a performance-oriented curriculum. The students in the Korean program form a tight community as we organize many cultural events such as learning to cook Korean food, making kimchi, going to Koreatown, practicing Korean calligraphy, and much more.

The Korean program offers three years of Korean courses: Introductory (Korean 1 and 2), Intermediate (Korean 33 and 44), and Advanced (Korean 110: Contemporary Korean Life and Korean 120: Literature and Culture). In addition, Korean Cinema and Culture (KRNT 130) is offered in English.

For more information about Korean courses at CMC or about Korea related activities, please contact Prof. Minju Kim, mkim@cmc.edu.

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Trip to Koreatown to view the award-winning move "Parasite."


CMC does not offer a major in Korean, but students can major in Asian Studies with an emphasis on Korea. 

KORE 33 (Intermediate Korean) meets the general education requirement in foreign language.

KORE 110 (Advanced Korean: Contemporary Korean Life), KORE 120 (Advanced Korean: Literature and Culture) or KRNT 130 (Korean Cinema and Culture, taught in English) meets the general education requirement in foreign literature.

Scholarship Info

Blakemore Freeman Fellowships

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS)

Freeman-Asia Scholarship

Fulbright Scholarships

Gilman International Scholarship

AKS Summer Program at the Academy of Korean Studies

Events & Activities

Spring 2024

Korean Movie Night

Kimchi Making Event (February 16th, 2024)

Let's Make Kimchi

Korean Dinner Event + Hanbok Photo-taking (November 20, 2023)

Korean class dinner

Kimbap Making Event (October 6, 2023)


Calligraphy and Crafts Event (March 31, 2023)

Korean Crafts