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Angela Vossmeyer

Angela Vossmeyer is an expert on financial crises, financial regulation, and monetary policy in the United States.

She can discuss the following:

  • Bank panics and bank runs
  • Federal Reserve policy responses
  • The history of the Federal Reserve
  • Parallels with historical episodes (e.g., the 1930s)
  • Systemic risk and the financial system
  • Financial stability and regulation

John Pitney

Jack Pitney is an expert on American politics, including Congress, the presidency, public policy, and electoral politics.

He can discuss the following:

  • The 2024 presidential election, including upcoming primaries and Ron DeSantis's rise in the GOP.
  • The Trump phenomenon.
  • Races for the House and Senate.
  • California Politics, including the significance of Sen. Feinstein's absence in the Senate.
  • Congressional leadership and the debt ceiling debate.
  • The Republican Party.

Hilary Appel

Hilary Appel is an expert on the politics of Russia, Ukraine and East Europe broadly, as well as EU and NATO enlargement.

She can discuss the following:

  • The ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia
  • Russia-China relations
  • The BRICS and the war in Ukraine
  • Russia’s mass response to the war
  • NATO enlargement
  • East European populist leaders

Claremont McKenna College faculty are available for media interviews on a variety of topics by arrangement and when class time and research demands permit.

Please contact Gilien Silsby, director of Media Relations, at or (213) 500-8673.

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