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Hilary Appel.
Cameron Shelton

Cameron Shelton, a political economist, is available to discuss the Los Angeles Mansion Tax (Measure ULA imposes a 4 percent tax on property sales above $5 million, and a 5.5 percent tax on properties above $10 million beginning April 1, 2023).

He can discuss the following:

  • The tax impact on apartments and commercial real estate
  • The incidence of property taxes (who actually pays)
  • The secondary effect on building patterns, usage, and commuting
  • Effects on non-price dimensions
  • Spillovers and pass-throughs on rent via apartment buildings
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Angela Vossmeyer.
Angela Vossmeyer

Angela Vossmeyer is an expert on financial crises, financial regulation, and monetary policy in the United States.

She can discuss the following:

  • Bank panics and bank runs
  • Federal Reserve policy responses
  • The history of the Federal Reserve
  • Parallels with historical episodes (e.g., the 1930s)
  • Systemic risk and the financial system
  • Financial stability and regulation

Manfred Keil.
Manfred Keil

Manfred Keil, economics professor and co-author of a report on California Competitiveness published by the Inland Empire Economic Partnership.

Keil is available to discuss the following:

  • The economic forecast for the U.S. Economy and Southern California
  • Recommended structural changes the Inland Empire will need to make to remove the “First In, Last Out” stigma of business cycles
  • Recommendations for reducing commuting times and traffic flows from the coastal areas to the Inland Empire

Claremont McKenna College faculty are available for media interviews on a variety of topics by arrangement and when class time and research demands permit.

Please contact Gilien Silsby, director of Media Relations, at or (213) 500-8673.

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