Campus Life


From the moment the Claremont McKenna College CARE (civility, access, resources, and expression) Center began operation with an open house on August 30, students, faculty, and staff have been utilizing the Center’s offerings.

The CARE Center, located on the second floor of the Heggblade Center, aims to strengthen community on campus with services and programs focused on education about identity and communicating across difference.

One of CMC's 17 Welcome Orientation Groups

Part of the CMC credo is to encourage students to continually challenge themselves, searching for new perspectives and perhaps along the way, deeper insight. And each year the Welcome Orientation Adventure (WOA) underscores that belief as it seeks to nudge incoming students out of their comfort zone as they begin their college careers.

Starting on the third day of first year orientation, WOA is four days and three nights of adventure; this year from August 22-25.

The character wall at Roberts Pavilion

All big design and construction jobs are done by crunching the numbers, but the character wall that greets visitors in the main foyer of Claremont McKenna College's new fitness and events center, Roberts Pavilion, was literally done by the letters.

Dear members of our community,

Student Art Showcase will feature open-mic performances

It will be art for art’s sake this Alumni Weekend when the third annual Student Art Showcase kicks off on Friday with a series of performances and student art pieces.

Hosted and funded by the CMC Art Council, the Showcase’s goal is to promote student artwork (both visual and performance) on campus with an eye toward installing various visual art pieces in dorms, administrative buildings, the Athenaeum, and elsewhere on campus. The Showcase provides an opportunity for students to display their photos, paintings, prints, and other artworks for the CMC community to appreciate.

Interactive word map in entrance of pavilion

Last Friday (April 8), the wait was finally over for seniors who queued up early for the chance to be the first CMC students as part of “Senior Preview Days” to tour the Roberts Pavilion ahead of its complete opening in August.

The doors of the LEED Gold-certified building opened at 10 a.m. and the first group of students was greeted in the lobby by President Hiram Chodosh just beneath a towering wall adorned with a jumble of letters, an interactive word map.

Operation Rockpile

Operation Rockpile may have best exemplified the inspirational partnership of the College's early days when students, faculty and even President George Benson came together in an ongoing series of rock-clearing parties to rid the campus of the ever-present “Claremont potatoes” (rocks). The school paper The Analyst even speculated on whether Pomona's physical education department would grant credit for these rock-clearing efforts.

Dear CMC Community:

The Thanksgiving holiday provides a special time for reflection, reconnection, and reinforcing the value of family and community.

Growing up, this was my favorite national holiday. I remember football games, mashed potatoes, and especially the heated debates we had around the table. For my family, argument was a kind of verbal contact sport and could be intensely emotional and disruptive; yet, these difficult conversations sharpened my thinking, made me appreciate different viewpoints, and built a deeper bond of love and belonging in my family.

Dear colleagues:

I hereby write you to address the concerns many of you have raised about freedom of speech in the current context of discussion on our campus.

Dear All:

During the past several days, I have listened and responded to many alumni, parents, and commentators on the periphery of our community, as well as students, faculty, and staff within the College. I have heard strong support or deep concerns (or some measure of both) in the wake of controversy, protests, administrative actions, expressions of dissent, and news coverage throughout. Disagreement is stressful for all of us, and it is also completely healthy when the campus is having a serious, difficult conversation about extremely sensitive and important concerns.