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marks-hall-1 Athena Andrew-Sfeir '17 performs at The Cave


Ice machines around the country have been working overtime lately to keep up with the demand for ice ever since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge hit social media in July. Recently the wave of supporters participating in the challenge to raise money for ALS and build awareness about the disease hit the CMC campus.

A new tradition began this year with the taking of the Freshman class photo. About 350 first-year students were gathered August 28th on Green Beach in-between orientation events. Take a look at the pictures of our community’s newest members by photographer William Vasta.

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Associate Professor of Psychology Wei-Chin Hwang Associate Professor of Psychology Wei-Chin Hwang

David Mgrublian '82 P'11 David G. Mgrublian '82 P'11

An interview with Ananda Ganguly, the Morcos Massoud Associate Professor of Accounting and George R. Roberts Fellow, aired this morning on NPR’s “Morning Edition,” with science correspondent/host Shankar Vedantam.