Who’s new at the front of the classroom?

What excited Norman Valencia about joining CMC? A golden opportunity.

As a new tenure-track assistant professor of Spanish and Portuguese in the Modern Languages Department, Valencia will be working on ways to develop a Portuguese program. An estimated 230 million people speak Portuguese around the world, he told the Claremont Independent this year, “making it a truly global language.”

Valencia earned his Ph.D. in Spanish and Portuguese at Yale University. He joined the Claremont community from Bogota, Columbia, where he was the academic sub-director of the Instituto Caro y Cuervo.

In addition to Valencia,  Sarah R. Sarzynski, a tenure-track assistant professor of history, also arrived at CMC this semester.

She earned her Ph.D. in History at the University of Maryland, and previous to joining CMC was a professor at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at NYU. She speaks Portuguese and Spanish, and she has published extensively on the culture and social policy of Brazil.

These aren't the only faculty new in the classroom, however. According to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, CMC also welcomed a number of visiting faculty in the new academic year, including:

Guangliang (Gabriel) Chen

August Kleinzhaler

David Krumm

Kevin Moffett

Eric Yang

John Andrew Sinclair

Lauren Chan

Elise Ferree

Patrick Fleming

Robert Iafe

Robert Kojima

Jessica Malisch

Julia Massimelli

Paul Neremberg

Benson Ngo

Sarah Nichols

Matthew Powell

Nora Sullivan

Gretchen Stanton

Andrew Steele

William Christian

Elizabeth Evans

Thomas McHenry

Stephanie Muravchik

Saman Olfati



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