Getting to Claremont McKenna College

You can reach Claremont McKenna College in many ways and please go to this weblink for detailed information. Please see the addresses for important offices that you may need to reach.

International Student Services
Office hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Dean of Student Office
400 E. Ninth Street
Claremont, CA 91711
Phone: 909-607-3910

Campus Safety
After hours: 24/7
101 South Mills Avenue
Claremont, CA, 91711
Campus Phone | Ext 7-2000 or 7-7233 (7-SAFE)
Cell Phone or Off-Campus Phone
(909) 607-2000 or (909) 607-7233 (SAFE)

Nearby Locations



Public/Mass Transit

  • Metrolink (Commuter trains to and from Los Angeles)
  • Metro (Buses and subways in the Los Angeles area)
  • Foothill Transit (Buses serving eastern Los Angeles County and environs)

Airport Pickup Service

International Student Services offers an optional, complimentary airport pick-up service from the airport to Claremont on international student move-in day. Students who are interested in using this service must make the request by completing an online form and provide flight information.

Students registered for our complimentary airport pickup service will be welcomed by our representatives at LAX and ONT Airports and will receive a complimentary ride from the airport to the move-in location, Roberts Pavilion, on campus.

When signing up for our airport pickup service, please be mindful of the guidelines and schedule provided below. Pickup times and details will be provided in August prior to move-in day.

Guidelines for Complimentary Airport Pickup Services

International Student Services can only accommodate students who:

  • Sign up for the airport pick-up by July 15.
  • Will arrive on the arrival date and time listed in your sign up.
    • Note: International arrivals should anticipate needing two hours to claim baggage and clear U.S. immigration and customs. Domestic arrivals should anticipate needing one hour to claim baggage.
  • Students arriving on flights arriving outside of the Airport Pickup Service between 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 17 should be prepared to arrange their own transportation to Claremont. (This timeframe doesn’t include estimated baggage claim.)
  • Unfortunately, we cannot provide the Airport Pickup Service to family members who are traveling with students. Students traveling with others should use one of the other transportation options listed below.

Note: All requests are reviewed by the International Student Services staff and will be approved and confirmed via email. Requesting a pickup does not mean that the service is confirmed and finalized.

Other Transportation Options

There are several ways to travel from LAX or ONT airports to Claremont.

Shared Shuttle Services

Generally, the shared ride van services (i.e., Prime Time Shuttle) are very convenient. They are safe, fairly inexpensive, and provide door-to-door service to and from the airport. 

Rideshare Apps

Rideshare companies, such as Lyft or Uber, offer affordable and convenient transportation services from the airport to Claremont. However, they may require you to have a U.S. phone number and bank account to create an account and reserve a transportation service. This option may not be all students.


Each airport has a “Ground Transportation” area where taxis are available for hire. While this option is a more expensive one, it is a good idea to have as a backup option in case your travel plans change unexpectedly.