Tuition and Fees

Cost of Tuition and Fees 2021-2022

Charges vary depending upon room assignment and meal plan selection.

Tuition Cost Per Semester
Full Time (3 or more classes) Per Class
$28,938.00 $9,646.00

ASCMC Fee Per Semester


Residence Hall Cost Per Semester

Residence Hall


Apartment Cost Per Semester


Meal Plan Cost Per Semester
16 meals per week 14 meals per week 12 meals per week 8 meals per week
$4,140.00 $3,933.00 $3,726.00 $3,467.50

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Annual Cost: $2,782.00             Returning Students: $2,570.00

see Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) section for more details

Student Orientation Fee


see Orientation page for more details 

Off Campus Housing Fee