NexDrive, a startup founded by two current students, gets some love in Forbes column

Sophomore Rich Zajac ’16 is just 20 years old, but the start-up he cofounded with CMC classmate Louis-Victor Jadavji ’15––producing natural gas conversion kits for car––is gaining public traction.

The pair’s venture, NexDrive, is mentioned in a Forbes column today by contributor Lori Kozlowski ’00. Kozlowski’s piece, “Millenials, Kairos Society, and Why Entrepreneurs Keep Getting Younger,” makes the case that startups are "no longer a passing trend.

"National economic conditions – coupled with billion-dollar dreams — have made the “make-you-own-way” way – not only vaguely interesting, but popular," Kozlowski writes.

Beyond offering conversion kits, NexDrive has a variety of natural gas vehicle products and services, including at-home filling stations.

More about Zajac and Jadavji’s startup is in this CMC story, posted last October.